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Equities Weekly Technical Analysis

Equities Weekly Technical Analysis
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Apple AAPL

Monthly - bullish sentiment; ERL buy side liquidity 193.60
Weekly - bearish inside bar; pwh 197.98, pwl 192.67
Daily - price bouncing off prev month high; s/r flip likely; selling volume is slowing down.

H1 - price at the order block zone; impulsive move down and up back to the range. The range is 193.50 - 197.68.

I speculate price will try to go higher in the coming week for AAPL if the price hold above 192.97 keeping a close eye on the BISI on the D1 time frame.

I will start looking for BISI as the price go higher in the lower time frame; wait for the price to tag those IRL and get in the trade.

You only lose if you don't have a stop loss. Cheers Traders.
— P. Diddy Array


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