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Dow Jones Down Over 600 points

Dow Jones Down Over 600 points
Photo by D koi / Unsplash

I'm not sure about you, but I got some heartburn watching the market today.  The first hour or so started out great. I was watching the AAPL chart while slowly moving my stop loss order.  

As you can see from the chart below, shortly after 10 A.M. US Central, that's when chaos started.  I was able to keep my gains thanks to the SL.  

My SPX paper trades (short put verticals) on the other hand cost me over $4K.  That's 2 trades of short put verticals.  I was optimistic--I guess you can insert the adjective over before that--about the market when it started.  

There was no good opportunity after that other than watch the bars play at the bottom section of the VWAP bands. The bears made their presence known for sure.

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