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S&P500 knocked out; Google down another 4%; Credit Suisse -15.57%

S&P500 knocked out; Google down another 4%; Credit Suisse -15.57%
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Bello Traders.

I thought I'd bring in some props to describe how the market went today.  I firmly believe I need not say more.  I was pumped pre-market as it seems to be a kick the door type of entrance at the open.   The only thing open was my mouth.

SPY 30 minutes time frame

Speaking of open, not sure how relevant it is, but Google is down again yet another 4+% in today's session after yesterday's almost -8% performance. In case you missed it, they unveiled their AI contender to the ChatGPT.

Amazon continued to drip drip to the tune of almost -2% today.

Not all is a Debbie Downer today, no no siree.  Tesla managed to come out +3% again, $207.32.

Lumen which was down almost +21% yesterday and, is, yes, up today +1.27%.

On the sectors front, Communication Services is getting comfy down at the very end with almost -3% performance.  It was holding the same spot yesterday. Consumer Discretionary at the very top of the all red line up.

Bitcoin seems to be struggling today, is at 21,982 today. 22,967.62 yesterday.  Someone check the left turn fluid on that one.

Happy Trading Traders.  Cheers.

You only lose if you don't have a stop loss.  Cheers Traders.
— Rocketman

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