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Tesla -3.15%, Apple -1.45%, Rivian -14.54%. Dow Jones Industrial -574.98 points.

Tesla -3.15%, Apple -1.45%, Rivian -14.54%. Dow Jones Industrial -574.98 points.
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Bello Traders.

I felt the need to spotlight the markets' move today.  Dow Jones Industrial Average is down almost 575 points.   S&P500 pulled back -1.53% while Nasdaq -1.25%.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell is in the Capitol today for his 2-day hearings with the House and Senate.   The Chair signals more rate increases in higher increments to manage inflation.

This event triggered the markets for a pull back ride with the Real Estate and Financials sector bearing most of the brunt, down -2.5% and -2.45%, respectively.

Events like this is not all bad news for traders.  To some of us, this presents opportunity to buy our favorite equities at a discount.  Tesla slid over -3% while Apple retreats almost one and a half point.

Bitcoin slid to 22,048 from 22,376 yesterday.

The S&P500 pretty much stayed in one big down trend channel after that big dip after open.

You only lose if you don't have a stop loss.  Cheers Traders.
— Rocketman

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