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Week 7 kicks the front door ahead of the CPI report on Tuesday

Week 7 kicks the front door ahead of the CPI report on Tuesday
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Bello Traders.

All major indices crossed the line green at the bell.  Nasdaq Composite leading the group +1.48%, S&P500 not too far behind at +1.21%.  There seems to be some excitement building toward the release of the CPI data tomorrow.

After being down over -5% last week, Tesla fades to another -1.14% today.

Lyft seems to have gotten a break after sliding over -35% last week, up +1.45% today.

Amazon up almost +2% today. The candle today looks neutral.  We'll continue to observe this security.

Moving on to sectors, our dearest Energy seems to have ran out of gas once again.  It's at the very last and the only red in today's session.  Technologies surged +1.77% followed closely by Consumer Discretionary +1.46%.

Bitcoin is at 21,656.90 compared to 21,726 last Friday.

You only lose if you don't have a stop loss.  Cheers Traders.
— Rocketman

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