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AMD up 9.22% amid S&P500 over 4000 again

AMD up 9.22% amid S&P500 over 4000 again
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Happy Monday, folks. It's the start of week 4.

What an amazing day at the market.  If you've been watching today, I am sure you agree that the bulls dominated the first half of the day.  We saw the markets fade a little bit in the second half but still finished green.

Tesla continues to be the highly traded equity in the market for the n-th time; I've lost count.  With an average volume of 125.84M, today's momentum is 199.85M.  Check out the rest of the equities that made it in list below.

  • S&P500 index is once again higher than 4000
  • Nasdaq is up over 2%
  • Dow Jones settled to 254 points after being as high as 300s during the day.

Will we see to continue the bullish trend tomorrow? Tune in to find out.  Have a great week.

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