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Low volume day, Dow Jones up 104, S&P500 down a tenth of a point

Low volume day, Dow Jones up 104, S&P500 down a tenth of a point
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It's like watching paint dry today folks.  

If it weren't for Microsoft's earning giving me a bit of a boost, I would have fallen asleep during today's session.

Speaking of MSFT, the stock price jumped as high as 254.79 after hours after they crushed market expectation.  It closed at 242.04 during normal trading hours.

I heard tomorrow that the company will provide their guidance, so that's another nail-biter.  If they do a good job, it may sway others to rise with the tide.  

Sectors split almost at the middle. With Industrials (+0.65%) at the top while Communication Services (-0.69%) at the bottom.

Bitcoin is still above 23K at 23,009.49.

Tesla reports their earnings tomorrow and Intel on Thursday.

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