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I might as well stayed in bed today

I might as well stayed in bed today
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Not because I'm tired or sleepy, but because the market didn't quite do it for me. After the S&P500 peaked at 405.13, it went sliding down the standard deviation cliff.  The volume isn't quite there yet as well.  Is everyone anxious about the upcoming Feds announcement on Wednesday?

  • Dow Jones Industrial is down almost 261 points
  • Nasdaq Composite down almost 2%
  • Only 1 of the 11 sectors finished green today and that is the Consumer Staples which gains a whopping 7/10th of a point.  The Energy sector has once again found itself at the bottom
  • Tesla is down over 6%
  • Lucid who was doing donuts in the parking lot last week fell at 8.7%

Bitcoin is currently at 22,764.429 (-4.18%)

Trading recap:

The moat built around the 9-EMA and 25-EMA was pretty hefty especially at the 2nd half.  The stock price didn't get a chance to surface to the 100-EMA to get some air.

If you're looking for strategy for any types of markets, trending or range, check out this YT video that helped me today.   The setup is simple, you need to have 4 exponential average and the RSI indicator.  In the YT video below, they only have 3.  I added the 9-EMA which proved quite useful today.

This was my setup today (not a recommendation).

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