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The numbers are in, let's see who made it to the list of winners for January

The numbers are in, let's see who made it to the list of winners for January
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That is right, folks, we made it through January. We are pack with data today.  Let's see who did good year-to-date shall we:

Major Indices

  • Dow Jones Industrial 1.75%
  • S&P500 5.19%
  • Russell 2000 7.71%
  • Nasdaq Composite 9.66%

Dow Jones Industrial 30 (double digit gains)

  • Visa 10%
  • Boeing 10.39%
  • Apple 10.75%
  • American Express 16.98%
  • Dow, Inc 17.29%
  • Disney 21.93%
  • Salesforce 24.25%

What I read today:

Russell 2000 took pole position today up 2.45%.  Followed shortly by Nasdaq Composite with 1.67% and the S&P500 with 1.46%.

Consumer Discretionary and Materials shared the stage at 2.22% gains.  All sectors wore green after the bell. Energy managed to passed by Utilities at this lap by a few yards (or meters if you're using metric).

Bitcoin crusing at 22,909.77.  Almost half the crytos we are tracking finished red today with ripple and ethereum battling it out at the bottom.

I found this last night. I thought it was pretty good. (not a recommendation)

Most Active Equities

Market Performance

Sector Performance

Cryptocurrency Performance


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