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Roblox +26.38%, Palantir another +9.65%, All Indices Green

Roblox +26.38%, Palantir another +9.65%, All Indices Green
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Bello Traders.

Wow today feels like a long day.  No trades for me but I feel like framing the price action of the S&P500 chart. I hope you're busy printing money.  Textbook price action, they actually look like game blocks.

Speaking of game blocks, Roblox kicked the front door with their massive gains the size of +26.38%.

Palantir continues to have a good trend continuation wrapping up with another +9.65% gains.  Devon Energy, wow, went the other way, down -10.49%.  

Russell 2000 comes out at pole today +1.09%, Nasdaq Composite not far behind with +0.92%.

Sector-wise, we're seeing a common theme this week, at pole is a two-way tie, Communication Services and Consumer Discretionary, +1.16%.  But no surprise, Energy slumps once again, at the bottom eating dirty air, down -1.78%.

Bitcoin is at 24,283 from 22,254 yesterday. That's +9.24%.  Going for the ride is MARA and RIOT, check-em-out traders.  Will we see trend continuation tomorrow, I have a good feeling we might.  I hope corrections do not show up to class tomorrow.  (Do your own due-diligence before placing that trade).

Draft Kings, Datadog, Hasbro, and Hubspot are some of the big names releasing their earnings tomorrow.

You only lose if you don't have a stop loss.  Cheers Traders.
— Rocketman

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