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Roku +11.15%, Shop -15.88%, Tesla -5.69%, AMD -5.99%

Roku +11.15%, Shop -15.88%, Tesla -5.69%, AMD -5.99%
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Bello Traders.

Mother nature is bringing the winter feel back in the February, it is cold and I see white dust outside.  

You know what else is getting cold, Tesla.  Tesla is down -5.69% today no thanks to some software glitch.   Some of my colleagues believe the market overreacted to this event.  

Shopify is also feeling the cold, it is down -15.88%.  They had the earnings call yesterday and I can only surmise they didn't meet the expectations.

AMD is also shivering, down -5.99%.  

Microsoft, -2.66%. Apple, -1.04%, Amazon -2.98%.

On the bright side, Roku came out on top place on our most active equities, racking up +11.15%; caching, caching.

It was pretty much lights out in the second half, markets retreat.  Nasdaq Composite slide -1.78%, with the S&P500 taking on dirty air behind it losing -1.38%.  The Dow Jones joining the misery, down -1.26%.  Terrible day I tell you.

Sector-wise, it seems the tables have turned for Consumer Discretionary, finding itself last, down -2.16%.  Technology holding its breath right behind with -1.75%.

Bitcoin is flat at 24,487 from 24,283 yesterday.  

John Deere and AutoNation will release their earnings tomorrow.

You only lose if you don't have a stop loss.  Cheers Traders.
— Rocketman

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