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Apple Financial Results Q1 2023

Apple Financial Results Q1 2023
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Hello Traders.  That's right, Apple will have their financial results available tomorrow, February 2, 2023.  I just thought of providing  you some data points that you may find interesting.

Apple is in my list of stocks that I trade frequently.  I trade it for a while now that I believe I have familiarity where the traders like to go in and go out of the trades.  I probably traded most possible options strategy with this one.   Of course, some of them came out winners, others not so good.  But that's part of the fun/thrill right?

Apple is part of the Technology sector, also in XLK ETF.  Apple makes up 22.44% of this ETF. It is also part of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Did you know that the stock cost only 53.06 back in 2018?  They were at at 1.05T market cap back then.  

Fast forward to today, the stock closed at 145.43 with a market cap of 2.30T.  Year high is at 179.61 and 124.17 as the year low.  The stock exchange hands daily with an average of 78M.  Today it was 76.46M.

The stock price is up 2.52% for the week, 11.93% for the month, and 16.28% year-to-date.

It has an earnings per share of 6.11 and price-earnings ratio of 23.80.  In contrast, S&P500 has a PE ratio of 22.02 today, pretty close right?  That tells me it has room to grow.  Just for comparison, AMD has PE ratio of 50.74 and EPS of 1.67.

The company provides dividends to the tune of 0.23 per share.  They send those out quarterly.  

I'm excited to hear what Apple has in store for us tomorrow, cheers!


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