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Market: The Good and The Bad 29 Nov

Daily market performance. Major indices, SPDR sectors, and SPY snapshots.
Market: The Good and The Bad 29 Nov
Photo by Nick Chong / Unsplash

Major Indices Performance

Major Indices 
  • After Friday's sell off, the market rebounds amid the news of Omicron still being studied for effects.
  • All four major indices futures were up pre-market this morning.
  • Both TNX and TYX were up.
  • VIX is down almost 20% today.

Best Performing Sectors

  • All SPDR sectors finished green today.
  • SPDR sectors Technologies (XLK) and Utilities (XLU) led the pack today in gains.
  • Retail (XRT) finished red.

Daily SPY Snapshot

SPY Daily Chart
  • SPY made a good recovery today up 1.23%
  • Relative index bounced off from 35.19 on Friday to 49.53 at close today.
  • Will we see continuation tomorrow? Stay tuned.

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