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Daily Observations 04 January

Only $DJI finished the day with gains. Energy sector surged for the second day in a row.
Daily Observations 04 January
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
XLE (Energy) Sector Daily Chart

Energy sector comes on top for the 2nd time.

XLE up another 3.46% to 59.20

Market Performance

Major Indices

Sector Performance

  • Today: 5 of the 11 sectors finished with positive gains.
  • Best sector: For the second day in a row, Energy sector gains another 3.46% to 59.20.
  • Laggard sector: Healthcare declines 1.32% to 137.60.
  • VIX continues to stay below the 20s. It's up 1.87% to 16.91.
  • Crude oil /CL gains 0.06% to 77.04.
  • TNX gains 2.46% to 16.68.
  • TYX gains as well 3.03% to 20.77.

SPY Snapshot

SPY Daily Chart
  • $SPY declines 0.03% closing at $477.55; higher than the 30-day simple moving average and the 9-day exponential moving average. 55-daily high continues to be at 473.54.
  • Relative strength index retreats to 62.58; higher than our 60.35 resistance marker.
  • Volume declines to 71.1M in contrast with 72.5M yesterday.

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