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Daily Observations 10 December

Market performance. Sectors performance. SPY snapshot.
Daily Observations 10 December
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Market Performance

Major Indices
  • All major indices rebounds from yesteday's modest pullback except for Russell 2000.

Sector Performance

  • All 11 sectors finished green today.
  • Best sector: Technology up 2.01% at 174.88.
  • Worst sector: Communications up 0.05% at 76.70.
  • VIX is down 13.39% at 18.69.
  • Crude oil /CL is up 1.44% at 71.96.
  • TNX is up 0.13% at 14.89.
  • TYX is up 0.96% at 18.84.

SPY Snapshot

SPY daily chart
  • SPY closed at 470.74.  A small distance away from the 55-day high of 470.65.
  • Will this kick us off to the strong December month that historically was the case? Stay tuned.
  • Relative strength index closed at 60.35.  Higher than 60.22 from 08 December. This supports my thesis of a breakout.
  • SPY closed above its EMA9 of 464.8.
  • Volume picked up at the back half of today's session to close higher than the last two days.

Market Climate

Start the weekend.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional investment adviser and my opinions are based on my own technical analysis.  Please consult an investment professional before making investment decisions.