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Daily Observations 13 December

Market performance. $SPY sectors. $SPY snapshot.
Daily Observations 13 December
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Good afternoon.  I can't say it's a happy Monday as you'll see in the numbers below.  Inflation remains in the headlines today along with Omicron.  

All major indices are down with NDX taking the brunt of it down 1.53% followed by RUT down 1.42%.

We added the DOW movers segment below for the first time.

Have a great week ahead.

DOW Movers

  • Best: KO up 2.63% at 57.76.
  • Worst: BA down 3.74% at 197.40.

Market Performance

Major indices

Sector Performance

  • 7 of 11 sectors are down today.
  • Best sector: Real Estate XLRE up 1.38% at 49.85.
  • Worst sector: Energy XLE down 2.78% at 55.65.
  • VIX is up 8.67% at 20.31.
  • Crude oil /CL is down 0.67 at 71.19.
  • TNX is down 4.37% at 14.24.
  • TYX is down 3.82% at 18.12.

SPY Snapshot

SPY Daily Chart
  • SPY opens lower today and closed a few decimal points from Friday's low.
  • Relative strength index dips to 53.77.
  • Volume today is a tad bit higher than Friday's and above the average.

Market Climate

Disclaimer: I am not a professional investment adviser and my opinions are based on my own technical analysis.  Please consult an investment professional before making investment decisions.