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The Daily Observations 01 December

Market performance. SPDR sectors. SPY daily snapshot.
The Daily Observations 01 December
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash

Well, well, well... hmm... how do I paint a picture of what happened today?  I was sipping my coffee and enjoying the greenery featuring the major market indices.  I caught myself patting myself in the back for holding the fort from yesterday's sellout.  It's going to be a different day today, I said to myself.

Then, it happens.  Shortly after 10--it was 10:10 US Central to be exact--the green picture in my head was no long there.  It was replace by three red bars--a left hook, a right hook, and an upper cut.  I got a hold of myself to maintain my balance.  The rest of the day was, how do I put it, mind blowing.

How long can we play this red light green light market game?

Market Performance

Major Indices
  • Not sure how else I can tell the story here.
  • They all red.

Sector Performance

  • Of the 11 sectors, Utilities and Healthcare were the only ones able to survive the  red light green light shenanigans today.  Mind you, both these sectors were green today.
  • Consumer Discretionary and Communications were not so lucky.

SPY Snapshot

SPY 1-day 10 minute chart
  • This is how it ended today.
  • Intentionally left blank.  That's how I roll in days like this.
SPY Daily Chart
  • SPY continues to dip.
  • Relative strength index landed at 29.99.

Note: Not a recommendation.  Please consult an investment professional before making investing decisions.